Connecting Power Virtual Agents to a Real Life Person using Omni Channel Engagement

Not all times you will want to provide live chat opportunities for a customer to a real person. Self Service is huge when it comes to serving a customer on their terms, at the time and method that suits them, whilst keeping more specific 1:1 interactions for more complicated questions, issues or concerns to staff. This post covers how to get started with connecting a Power Virtual Agent together with Omni Channel Engagement to make this scenario possible!

Conversation States in Omni Channel Engagement

One of the features when I first started reviewing Omni Channel Engagement which I found challenging was to understand the conversation state within the application. I found in some cases I could edit the conversation, then I couldn’t and it can be fairly confusing. This post reviews some of the essential information when looking at states of Conversation in Omni Channel Engagement!

Getting started with Marcos in Omni Channel Engagement

Macro’s in Omni Channel Engagement allow for specific levels of automation to take place whilst a user is talking to a customer. The most common places to embed Macro’s are on Agent Scripts. This post covers how to get started with Macro’s and their capabilities in Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement.

Add Pre-Chat Questions to a Widget in Omni Channel Engagement

When a customer first opens with a live chat widget and even before they ask a question, it can be really helpful for the agent who accepts the incoming message to already have some information about that customer. This post looks at how to make this possible using pre-chat questions in Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement.

Linking records to a Conversation in Omni Channel Engagement

We covered in a previous post what the conversation entity is in Omni Channel Engagement. One of the most fundamental actions in a Conversation is linking records to it to get better context of a customer’s current situation. This post will cover what linked records are and why they are so meaningful when working with a Conversion within the Omni Channel application.