You may have read about Session Templates and now want to learn more about what an Application Tab is? This post will cover exactly what Application Tabs are and how to get started in the Omni Channel Engagement application.

Application Tab ‘Templates’ (technically) are utilised primarily on Sessions and direct exactly what record (or dashboard) should be opened at the start of a Session. There are some amazing things that can be done with Application Tabs because just like Sessions, they play a key role in being able to automate much of the work a user would normally have to do manually when they accept an incoming request from a customer.

This post won’t go into the expansive details because they are already covered in this super helpful docs article here, though this post is aimed at giving a starters guide on what the fields mean and how application tabs are used so it doesn’t seem so hard to go ahead and start building your own.

Application tabs have a number of different types, but the most notable ones for generic workloads are:

  • Entity records – Opening an entity record
  • Dashboard – Open a specific dashboard
  • View – Open a view which can be pre-filtered
  • Entity Search – Search for a specific search term using relevance or categorised search

You can see why these would be very useful to go ahead and automatically open – especially as you will learn in a future post (if you don’t already) a customer can answer pre-chat questions and be known at the very start of the session before they have even spoken to the agent, meaning those parameters can be used in many of these cases.

Application Tabs, depending on the type, can and some need, parameters. For example if you wish to open a specific entity record, the GUID and type of entity need to be specified. If you are searching in the entity search, the search term and specifying if categorised or relevance search should be used, needs to be specified. The Microsoft docs article linked above gives the exact syntax you need to use on the ‘Parameter’ records associated to Application Tabs.

I hope this post has helped learn the purpose of Application Tabs and how they can be incredibly useful to users! Use Application tabs together with Session Templates to improve the user experience considerably.