When organisations are managing incoming requests from multiple channels, there needs to be some oversight to ensure the users can be supported, especially if things get challenging or customers get angry. The Omni Channel Engagement application provides an easy way for supervisors to monitor conversations and this post will cover how to use this feature.

Supervising conversations can be difficult because it is hard to tell how a conversation is going without being ‘in’ the conversation itself. This can be managed easier in Omni Channel Engagement using the real time sentiment analysis feature. This feature is visible on the supervisor dashboard, providing the supervisor easy visibility of conversations which may turn bad, quickly.

We have all been there where an customer service representative perhaps says the wrong thing, or your order number cannot be found. It’s not a great experience for a customer, and it would be normal for them to begin to use language which is more negative. This language will be picked up with the real time sentiment analysis and the supervisor would be able to see this in their Dashboard. This dashboard can be seen in the screenshot below.

If a conversation has turned negative, a supervisor can select the conversation providing it is in the ‘Active’ or Wrap Up’ state and then can click ‘Monitor’. This action triggers a new session for the supervisor to be pulled into the conversation.


At this point, the Customer does not know the supervisor is monitoring the call. Unless they click ‘Join Chat’ which allows them to be part of the conversation, in the same way the consult feature works, the customer will get notified. If they don’t click ‘Join Chat’ they can simply motor the conversation and jump in if they need to.

This is a great feature to give supervisors oversight and also proactively support users when they may be experiencing difficult conversations.