Filter a Gallery in Canvas Apps on the Status Reason field (or any other OptionSet in CDS)

So this post is out of pure frustration that this information seems to be really hard to find (for me anyway) for what seemed like a basic requirement. I wanted to load a Gallery of information in a Canvas App based on the status reason within the Common Data Service. This field is often used in model-driven apps, including Dynamics 365 so being able to filter on this is pretty necessary for companion Canvas based apps.

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Get the GUID of a form from the URL in 2013

Quick guide on getting a GUID from the URL in CRM 2013: (they look as though they have removed them in CRM 2013, but they are just hidden!)

Open the form you want the GUID of and click the ‘pop out’ icon found in the top right corner:

This will open your record in what looks like a new window, but now if you look at the URL:

You can see the GUID nested nicely in between curly braces. If you just want a sanity check, click the ’email a link’ icon to get the reference in a link, and you can cross check the GUID against the GUID in the email a link, starting after the small ‘b’ ending at the one before the ‘%’.:

You can see they both match!