Hello! I am Sarah

Speaker, Author & ARCHITECT

I design, create and build awesome things. From platforms, to articles and business applications. Did I mention I’m obsessed with Customer Service too?

What i do

Customer Service Specialist

We should not have to spend our limited time calling somewhere to find where your parcel is or why we just got charged twice for an order. I provide constructs, thought leadership and engineering insight to create and deliver amazing customer service solutions to every industry, so you can spend your time on better things.

Build Apps

 Companies large to small should be able to provide the service to their customers so they can have the best experience possible. An engineer at heart, I love to make and build. I develop applications that do this using the Microsoft Power Platform, AI and open source frameworks. 

Career Development Programs & Communities

I create programs for specific career development opportunities and communities where you can have a safe space to grow your skills. Ultimately helping direct people to a career they love, that pays well and allows them to get more time back to do what they want in life.

Teaching & EDUCATION




How can we work together?

I focus on making engaging, educational material focused around helping get people started in technology, career planning, coaching and development.

We can work together in so many different ways! Do you have content ideas? Are you in need of some career coaching? Watch this space with details coming soon on how to connect!


Less Code, More Power

Co-Host with Dona Sarkar on #LessCodeMorePower on Microsoft Channel 9, we evangelize the Microsoft Power Platform by showcasing not only what is possible with the technology, but the stories from the real people who are working with, and learning this technology to change the world we live in, one organisation at a time. 


Check out these recent and current projects I’m working on!

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