Adding Notes in Model Driven Apps is a given and has been a feature for quite some time (maybe even since the dawn of time!) however in Omni Channel Engagement, this behaviour has been upgraded. Learn how in this post!

Within Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement, when a Conversation is linked to a record, for example a Contact, Account or Case, the ability to add notes is available. Users can add a note by using the note icon within the chat pane as shown in the screenshot below. This button opens a large ‘Add Note’ pane on the right hand side of the chat window, giving the user a large amount of space to write up notes which will be added onto the specified linked record as an Note entity.

Users may find they have submitted the note, but want to add another note. This is often related to closure notes at the end of a conversation. The annoying thing though would be that having a load of ad-hoc notes on an entity because when reviewing the record back, is really hard to retain context, and get a good picture of the interaction, let alone look pretty messy and be hard to search upon.

This is the awesome part – In Omni Channel Engagement, every time an agent adds a note in this way via a Conversation, the actual existing note is appended with the addition note – so only one note ever gets added.

This is a really useful feature and preserves searching and the experience for the rest of the users, especially outside of the Omni Channel Engagement app, when they are reading the notes at a later date.