You know how to use the Consult feature, and you know how to use the Transfer feature – but have you used both? There may be the need to first begin with a Consult to discuss a question with an additional agent, but also then go ahead and transfer them to the same agent and finish up things your end. This post covers how this works in Omni Channel Engagement and some notable things to remember when doing so.

Using the consult feature was covered here in a previous post and explains how to bring another available agent into an existing conversation in Omni Channel Engagement. The agent who is consulting begins their experience with a new session request, as shown below, holding the same conversation for themselves and their colleague, however their conversation begins in internal mode, as indicated by the peach background in the chat window.

Consulting agents can discuss internally or externally to the customer. The customer is made aware of their presence with a notification.

There may be the need to transfer the conversation control over to the consulting agent. To complete this action, the agent needs to actually perform the same set of operations as if they were performing a new transfer from a single conversation (as if they were never consulted). These actions were covered in this blog post here.

As shown below, whilst consulting, the agent who the conversation is transferred to gets a transfer request and when accepted, the page reloads in the same state as it was before the acceptance, and the same session is utilised – no new session is created and the context is retained from the current conversation.

Just like the consult, the customer also gets notified of the second action of transferring, as shown below.

It is important to remember in both the Consult and Transfer scenarios (especially when combining these features) to always make the customer aware of what is going on. You do not wish to pass them from one agent to another without informing them, as it reduces the communication and the customer will likely get frustrated by the pauses.

Hope this helps you understand what happens when you want to start combining both of these features to enhance the customer experience using Omni Channel Engagement!