We covered how to set the presence in Omni Channel Engagement in a previous post, and this post will cover how to create your own Custom Presence in the Omni Channel Engagement application!

The previous post covered how to set the presence using the default out of the box presences available, and you might be wondering why would you want to then create your own custom presence when the standard ones seem enough?

The standard presences available are fairly generic. Organisations may want to use them as they resonate with other presences you find on Microsoft Teams. In some cases it’s useful to create custom presences that are relevant to your own organisation and reflect the culture. For example, perhaps the organisation doesn’t use the terminology or phrase ‘Do not Disturb’ or ‘Available’ and they want to change it, or create new ones all together such as ‘Focus Time’. This is possible in Omni Channel Engagement by creating a Custom Presence in the Omni Channel Administration App.

To create a new Custom Presence, navigate to ‘Custom Presence in the Omni Channel Administration App, click ‘New’ to create a new record and specify the Name. The Presence Text is what a user would see and the Base Status is what icon it would be using and what is linked to a work-stream record (so you can’t quite separate yourself from the default statuses yet, but you can from a user perspective).

Save the record and give the application up to 15 minutes to reflect your changes! Now you will be able to see the custom presence in the presence dialog within the Omni Channel Engagement application.