When managing multiple different queries, complaints and conversations from different channels, it can really help to have some ‘precanned’ replies which can be easily sent to customers. This is an quick way to help users in call-centres who manage high volumes of calls to still retain the human to human interaction, allowing a great mix of efficiency that promotes great customer service. This is achieved using Quick Replies in Omni Channel Engagement. This post shows how to create a custom Quick Reply and use it in a live chat conversation.

Navigate to the Omni Channel Administration App and click on ‘Quick Responses’ in the site map.

This opens up all the default quick replies available in multiple different regions.

Click ‘New’. This opens the empty Quick Reply form. Name the Quick reply (this won’t be seen to the agent) and the region.

Now enter the Message. The text inside the message field will be what is automatically added into the response of the conversation window (not automatically sent) and is what the terms that an agent search term would be searched upon.

When a user has an active open conversation, they can select the Quick Reply icon, as shown in the screenshot below and search. Their search term is searching the message of a quick reply as you can see below – the Quick Reply I added above can be seen in the results.

You can also use dynamic data using curly brackets – you can see this being used here to again, make it more personal to the customer when you use quick replies.


Quick replies are a great way of helping a user in various areas of a conversation, such as when they need to ask what the problem with, if the suggested solution has worked, and also saying goodbye and thank you – these are all generic parts of a conversation which can use Quick Replies without coming across as a bot and detracting from the human element of an live chat experience.