As a customer, when we utilise live chat features of organisation, it can be an amazing experience. We get what we need quickly and we get it done. This could be information regarding an order update or a refund request. In these circumstances it is normal to want to download a transcript of that conversation should something happen in the future which means we need to go back to the organisation and show previous conversations and this engagement with staff. This can be achieved using the download feature in a live chat widget within Omni Channel Engagement. This post covers how to enable this inside the Omni Channel Engagement application in Dynamics 365.

As a customer, when download transcript is activated, the download icon will be visible on the chat widget, as shown in the screenshot below.

When the user clicks download, a html file download will start and this is what the transcript looks like:

To configure this feature on chat widgets, users need to have access to the Omni Channel Administration app. Open the Live Chat Channel record in the Omni Channel Administration application and check the ‘Allow download of transcript’ to ‘Yes’. Any changes to the configuration in Omni Channel can take up to 15 minutes, and so ensure you wait this time until you check the widget has been updated.

(It’s also important to check the warning under ‘Chat Transcripts’ which provides links to the privacy statement as this feature may mean data flows outside of your organisation which could impact your data protection and other compliance rules).

If you have any questions please go ahead and comment below!