Macro’s in Omni Channel Engagement allow for specific levels of automation to take place whilst a user is talking to a customer. The most common places to embed Macro’s are on Agent Scripts. This post covers how to get started with Macro’s and their capabilities in Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement.

Navigate to the Omni Channel Administration App, and click ‘Macros’. Create a New Macro and name it something useful. You will notice a Power Automate like experience (because it uses Microsoft Power Automate, just limited in this inline experience) so for those who are familiar with this user interface, you will be able to skill up a bit faster in creating Macros.

There is only one Macro Trigger right now which is Productivity Automation > Start Macro Execution.

Once you have specified the trigger you can visibility of all the different types of actions you can perform, as shown in the screenshot below:

Just like in Power Automate, depending on the action, you will need to input specific parameters. An example of this is opening a form, you will need to specify the form ID:

Some really useful Macro’s include opening a record, saving a record, searching the Knowledge Base with a specific phrase, resolving a case and opening an email with a specific template. Think about the context these Macro’s will be used in, where a user will be actioning them within an Agent Script, all of these actions are designed to save the time of the user.

When you have finished building your action, save the record and then check out the following post on how to link Macro’s to Agent Scripts!