Omni Channel Engagement promotes users to manage workloads and be served queries from multiple channels. An important feature is for users to be able to have access to search knowledge base articles without losing context. This post covers how!

When a user accepts a new Session, a new Conversation is created. We covered in a previous post about how sessions and session templates work using application tabs. One of the default application tabs used on the Chat Channel is the kbsearch tab.

This can be seen when a new Session is accepted, two tabs open. The first being the anchor tab and the second being the kb article search. If a user navigates to this tab, nothing appears by default as the data parameter is empty being pasted into it (it’s actually a load of brackets at the time of writing).

These brackets can be removed and instead just search all articles or enter your own keywords for the knowledge articles to be searched, selected and reviewed. This interface is a web resource, and it not the native view for a Knowledge Base Article (you may recognise it as it is similar to the embedded KB search in a Case entity)

Users can also use the chat pane to open Knowledge Articles, as shown below

Users can click the plus to create a new tab and select ‘Knowledge Article’ as shown in the screenshot above to get a more familiar view of Articles. Also, if the default session template is changed and the kbarticle web resource isn’t loaded as a tab when a session is opened, this is also how users can still access articles or use the method above and click Knowledge Articles from the chat panel.