Agent Scripts promote the use of being able to work through a set of questions or actions and Macro’s provide a level of automation which saves users so much time – now we want to look at putting them together to make the user experience helpful and delightful.

Ensure you have read the previous posts on setting up Agent Scripts and getting started with Macros. There is some setup to ensure you have the Productivity Pane activated which is covered in these posts.

Navigate to your Agent Script and add a new question. This question should be a Macro type. Selecting this dropdown shows the Macro lookup field, where you will be able to select your Macro.

Once this is done, it will then be available in the Agent Script and appear just like any other step, except it has the macro icon to the right of it so the user know it is automation and also use this icon to actually run the Macro.

When the Macro is run, the save circle appears and the action is performed straight away. If an error occurs, a notification appears in the agent script underneath the step, otherwise it shows as green and succesful.

I hope this post has shown you how to link a Macro together with an Agent Script to enable users to be more productive, save them time and help them enjoy their jobs more by automating steps which could be time spent elsewhere!