This post is an overview of how presence is managed in Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement.

Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement allows users to manage their own presence in the same way as Microsoft Teams and previously we did in other programs such as Skype for Business. In fact – it works in the exact same way. Users can see their status by the top right hand icon, where they can also hover over it to see a text description, clicking on it to change their status manually.


When users accept an incoming chat or otherwise push type channel request, their status automatically is updated to busy.

Check out the video below to watch this in action from accepting a chat request using the Live Chat channel:

Click Here for the Video!

Depending on the work stream configuration linked to the channel, following requests for that user’s time will only be pushed to them if the statuses on the work-stream match the status they currently have – this is also changed in the Work Stream entity which is linked to the Channel (you can have multiple work streams for the same type of channel)

This gets even more interesting when we start to look at custom presence options in Omni Channel Engagement! For the official docs on Omni Channel Engagement click here!