The consult feature was covered in the previous post, but the ability to transfer is slightly different. There is the ability in Omni Channel Engagement application to transfer a conversation in live chat completely to another available agent. This blog post covers how to use this feature!

When a user has already accepted a conversation request from a customer, they may find they need to transfer this conversation to somebody else. This could be perhaps a manager for escalation or another person in their team. To initiate a transfer, users need to click the icon with the two arrows within the conversation action pane, as shown in the screenshot below to see agents online who can take the transfer.

The transfer will be attempted, where the session request will be sent to the selected user in the same way a consult request is. Only when the second user whom has been transferred to accepts the session, will customer will see the notification that they have been transferred. If the request is rejected, then the initiating user would remain in the active conversation.

Once an agent has accepted the transfer, the originating agent goes into consult mode, where they can still discuss the issue with the customer and begins in internal mode as shown by the peach colour as shown below. Either user can end the conversation in the same way as when a consult is initiated. The user who is last talking to the customer should wrap up the engagement and then close down the session.

The customer experience of a transfer is shown below. They can see where the transfer occurred and where this was successful – this only happens when the transfer has been accepted by the second user.


I hope this helps show the difference between the consult feature and the transfer feature in Omni Channel Engagement.