The Work Distribution Type in Omni Channel Engagement comes up in many different places within the app. Work Distribution Type is set on the Work Stream record and is either ‘Pick’ or ‘Push’. Read on to find what this means!

When the Work Distribution Mode is set to Push, work items get assigned to the available agents (based on the ‘Allowed Presences’) on their skill and routing which is configured within the system. The user has to accept these session requests. When the Work Distribution Mode is set to ‘Pick’ the user has to pick the item from the available work items (for example from the Queue or from the Dashboard) and actually specify they are working on them by ‘Picking them’ as shown in the screenshot below.

Whilst basic, this type determines the user interact with entities and the setup of other entities and not just live chat sessions for users to work on, which is really essential to understand how a user would interact with the Omni Channel Engagement app.