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What is the Common Data Service?

This post defines what both the Common Data Service (CDS) and the Common Data Model (CDM) are. The Common Data Service and the Common Data Model are core concepts in Microsoft Business Applications and the whole PowerPlatform, so it's important to know what...
Conversation States in Omni Channel Engagement

Conversation States in Omni Channel Engagement

One of the features when I first started reviewing Omni Channel Engagement which I found challenging was to understand the conversation state within the application. I found in some cases I could edit the conversation, then I couldn't and it can be fairly confusing....

See Conversations in Dynamics 365 in other Apps from Omni Channel

See Conversations in Dynamics 365 in other Apps from Omni Channel

We have looked in detail around interactions with staff and customers work within Omni Channel Engagement in previous posts and now lets take a deep dive into how these conversations are represented in the rest of Dynamics 365 on Customer records. Omni Channel...

What is the Entity Channel in Omni Channel Engagement?

Many of the recent posts have been focused on the Chat Channel within the Omni Channel Engagement Hub. You may have been wondering what other channels are available within the application. The channel which has the most confusion is the Entity Channel. What does this...

Sentiment Analysis in Omni Channel Engagement

This post covers a review of the real time sentiment analysis in the Omni Channel Engagement Application When a customer has started a live chat and begins talking, the is real time sentiment analysis enabled by default that gives users the ability to see, based on...

Omni-Channel Guides

How to Minimise the Conversation Window in Omni Channel Engagement

Sometimes the conversation window can get in the way - this post covers how to get more real estate within the main screen in Omni Channel Engagement. Sometimes there may be a need to get more screen space whilst in the conversation. You may want to do some searching...

Adding Notes in Omni Channel Engagement

Adding Notes in Omni Channel Engagement

Adding Notes in Model Driven Apps is a given and has been a feature for quite some time (maybe even since the dawn of time!) however in Omni Channel Engagement, this behaviour has been upgraded. Learn how in this post! Within Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement, when...

What is a Session Template in Omni Channel Engagement?

What is a Session Template in Omni Channel Engagement?

You might have come across Sessions already in Omni Channel Engagement and I cover exactly what they are in this previous post. Session Templates also exist. They manage the setup of quite a few things, including Agent Scripts. Learn more about what they are in this...

Create Custom Quick Replies in Omni Channel Engagement

Create Custom Quick Replies in Omni Channel Engagement

When managing multiple different queries, complaints and conversations from different channels, it can really help to have some 'precanned' replies which can be easily sent to customers. This is an quick way to help users in call-centres who manage high volumes of...

Using Multi-Tabs in Omni Channel Engagement

Within Model Driven Apps and Dynamics 365 in general, users are familiar with navigating on the site map (which has been both vertical and horizontal in the last decade) and moving around views, forms and using relationships as hyperlinks to jump between records....

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