Sales 101 – An Introduction to ‘Sales’ in Microsoft Dynamics – A Review

Over the past month I did a video series which was intended to be a ‘Sales 101’ style experience, so for those who are being introduced to the amazing world of Microsoft Dynamics, they can use the videos as a learning companion to get to grips with the basics of the Sales functionality.

I definitely didn’t intend for them to be that long, but then the difficultly lies in the detail – I needed to go into more detail in some areas, so that reflects more in the Lead to Invoice videos for example, compared to the Sales Literature material.

I’ve linked all of the videos below (with #1 being linked above in the post also) I hope they are useful and if you have any questions, please put them in the comments below!

Sales 101 #1 – Accounts, Contacts and the Product Catalog in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sales 101 #2 – Lead to Invoice in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sales 101 #3 – Goals and Connections in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Sales 101 #4 – Sales Literature and Activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The New Features of CRM 2016 Update 1 & How to Use Them!

The CRM 2016 Update 1 release is now available for new Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscriptions or trials. It will also soon be available for existing organisations via the office 365 management portal via ‘Updates’ on the CRM menu. If you have not already, even if you are waiting for an update to be scheduled, I’d recommend you set up a new trial here to experience and play around with the new features of the latest update, because they are super exciting!

How to auto-generate Word Templates using a simple Workflow and OOB Action in CRM 2016 (no code!)

There is quite a lot of literature regarding creating Word Templates around now, I touched upon it in my previous post, and the infographic here on twitter. When was I was recently researching a separate blog post, I came across a way to create a Word Template using an out of the box Action and a simple Workflow. From playing around with this, I’ve thought about loads of ideas and solutions that could utilise this functionality and how it can be extended to create things like auto-generated scheduled emails (which are unavailable in CRM Online as they are on Premise), things like Goal leader-board updates and things like that. I’ll be working on some of these in the future and they will feature in some posts coming soon.