When a customer first opens with a live chat widget and even before they ask a question, it can be really helpful for the agent who accepts the incoming message to already have some information about that customer. This post looks at how to make this possible using pre-chat questions in Dynamics 365 Omni Channel Engagement.

Pre-chat Questions are awesome in Omni Channel Engagement because they allow a user who accepts a new live chat request to already be informed about various pieces of information about the customer even before they ask a question or request some information. Users can speed up the resolution of the query or incident faster and improves the overall experience as it sets them up for success. Even better, pre chat questions are super easy to configure.

Navigate to the Channel Entity for Chat. Navigate to the ‘Pre Chat Survey’ tab and change the option from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ to show an empty sub-grid of questions.

Now you can go ahead and click ‘Add Question’ to begin adding your questions. These questions appear as a form experience for the user before they are taken to the conversation panel where they are visible to an agent, as shown below.

Specify the Question name – this is internal and is used to link to identifying a someone from their responses which will be covered in a future post. Question Text is what a customer sees and the type of the type of response they can make. Go ahead and make your questions and when complete, wait approx 15 minutes for your changes to take effect.

When the changes have been made, go ahead and trial it out. Go to the website you have your widget configured and open it – you will see the new questions. Complete them and accept the session request in the application on another tab or browser – here you will be able to see the completed questions in the Conversation entity, as shown below:

I hope this has shown the value of pre-chat survey questions and how you can help the agent get more information about the problem even before the call has started!