This post is an essential and simple one. It covers what the difference between internal and external communication in the context of the Omni Channel Engagement Application, specifically for the Chat channel.

The chat channel has the concept of a public message – used for talking to the customer and internal messages for internal conversations. Moving between public and internal is done using the ‘public’ and ‘internal’ toggle buttons shown on the chat pane in the screenshot below.

Public messages are grey and look like standard messages. Internal messages are a red/peach colour and are clearly marked in the text box, and when they are sent marked as an ‘internal’ message.

The customer experience is as expected, as shown in the screenshot below – they do not see internal messages, and only public ones. Both message types are captured on the transcript in a Conversation entity.

Internal messages are useful in instances of consulting and transferring scenarios, which we covered in previous posts. They can help give two users the ability to work together to solve the customer’s problem, without the customer seeing internal communications.