Recently I have been working on configuring the  offline client for CRM 2011 and having setup all of the offline filters detailing what records I want to take offline, I was missing something – when I went offline, some of the views didn’t work and one of the folders themselves said ‘this is not configured to go offline’.

I figured this was something to do with the entity types, more offline filter work, then I checked the site map having read this article on mdsn.

Using the SiteMapEditor by MSCRMtools (found here) You can see the two options available that I selected:


Once selected (Available Offline = Yes, and Client = All), I went offline again and found I could now see my folder and my view was working fine.

A bit of a checklist as such if you ever think about going offline:

  1. Check the entity is configured to go offline (Go to the entity page in your solution and check it to ‘Yes’)
  2. Any plugins operate also in offline mode (Use the plugin registration tool to configure this)
  3. Ensure you have the registry keys required for your plugins in your ‘Allow List’
  4. Ensure you have the folders that you require access to set to  ‘Available Offline’.