In the Spring ’14 release the ‘timer’ functionality was added and this post will show you how to add it to a form and some uses for it. Something worth noting, the name is a little misleading, whilst this functionality can certainly count down/up and in all instances you do have to set a ‘Failure time field’ i.e. a field to start the timer (otherwise it will stay at ‘not set’), it can just be used for setting conditions to meet on the form as well, a popular one being ‘Customer Contacted’ and this would mean that once you have set the ‘Customer Contacted’ field on the Case, the field would change to ‘Succeeded’ in a nice positive green colour.

I don’t see why you can’t circumvent the timer and if you don’t actually want the timer to ever start, even by accident, create a new custom field on the form that is a DateTime type, hide it, set the Failure Time Field as this field and then set your success condition. Then you have circumvented the counter functionality to just display ‘Not Set’ to ‘Succeeded’. If that meets your requirement.


A few things to note:

  • You can add this on most entities, not just the case type
  • You don’t need to set up SLA’s, entitlements or contracts (Unless you specify the time field to be linked to any of these)


The Timer functionality has the following fields:

  • Failure Time Field: This is your start field – This needs to be set as a mandatory field – it needs a time field to be able to know when to start counting down to or from
  • Success Condition: This is your end field – This is also mandatory, and you have many different types of fields that you specify first, then the actual field selection i.e. yes, no or the specific status for example
  • Failure Condition: This is optional – you can basically set a condition for failure, this, as far as my experience goes, gives you the same set of options as the ‘success condition’
  • Warning Condition: This is optional – a condition to be met to display a warning, same options as ‘success condition’
  • Cancel Condition: This is optional – a condition to be met to display a warning, same options as ‘success condition’

To set the timer on the field

  1. Go to your solution, navigate to the entity you wish to add the timer to, and go to the specific form.
  2. On the form, click ‘Insert’
  3. To the far right of the ribbon you will see ‘Timer’2
  4. Click it and it will come up with a pop up ‘Timer Control’; sett your name and labels and your Data Source fields (described above)
  5. Click okay and it would have dropped into the form, move it about as you wish
  6. Save & Publish, Publish All
  7. Go have a play with your new Timer!