“The Start of Something Big” came out of a random doodled sketch a little while ago. It has a meaning that goes beyond just a Microsoft Dynamics context and can be applied to literally any scenario. The meaning behind this is that everything big, starts out small. It starts out with one idea. That idea goes through changes, it goes through collaboration (either through inspiration or from making mistakes, or working with other teams) for it to grow and become something amazing – and everyone can contribute with any skillset, they just need one thing – the willingness to contribute either the initial idea or the positive reinforcement of the idea.

Looking at it in a Dynamics CRM context however, look at the amazing things people have done – look at CRM as an application – that started somewhere, look at fantastic frameworks such as Sparkle XRM, Ribbon Workbench, and extensions such as the Site Map editor, they are all awesome things that started somewhere & there is no reason at all why you cannot do the same and start something or contribute to something amazing.