How will you use your 46 Hours?

We all only have a limited amount of disposable time a week where we can choose what we do. How can you make the most of it?

Take a moment to think about how much time you really HAVE in a day where you actually CHOOSE what you do? Can you even answer that?

We all get told to think about our disposable income, but when have we ever been told to think of our disposable hours and how we should be protective of them? Our days are broken down into 24 hours. Everyone’s. However rich or poor you are in monetary value (though given, money can buy someone else’s time). We don’t actually have 24 hours to choose what we want to do though, we have very little. Keep reading to really know HOW little we all have.

We need around 7 for optimal sleep. Lets take 8 hours for a job – knowing that this does vary depending on industry, but we need a starting point.

Lets just take a pause there. That is already 15 hours taken of the 24 up without you even choosing to – these are things you need to do – work and sleep. We have 9 hours remaining at this point, but this is not all we need to take into account.

We need to exercise and this takes about 1 hour a day after you’ve set everything up and warmed up and cooled down. We all need to go to the toilet, make fresh food, eat food (3 times a day), shower and get ready for our day – lets say this all takes up about 2 hours of time a day.  That is 3 hours gone.

This leaves about 6 hours of time.

SIX hours of ACTUAL TIME a day where you get to choose what you do in the week. Lets just do some math. Working a 5 day week, gives us six hours of time we have to choose what we do each day. We have weekends which give us an extra 8 hours from where we are not working.

(5 x 6 ) + 16 = 46 hours*

Think about that – 46 hours PER WEEK you get to spend on living your life. This is time for your family, for you, before you spend on anything else. This includes going grocery shopping, tidying your home, giving pets your attention, and travelling. Reading that book you got last week, and all that stuff.

 What’s the point though? The point is our time is limited, and we all get to choose what we spend our time on. I focus on ensuring we can make the most out of our time, you and me both, which is why I focus in three areas:

  • Customer service – we should not have to spend literally hours out of that 46 on the phone figuring out where a shipment is, or why you got charged twice for an online order. You shouldn’t have to spend longer than 5 minutes trying to find an email address to email a question to company so you can spend some money on a service you require.

  • Building Apps – Businesses should provide service to their customers so they can transact in modern society easily, and I develop the business systems architecture to do that with AI, Dynamics, Power Platform and more

  • Career Development – I create programs for specific career development to help direct people to use what they wish to out of those 46 hours a week to direct into a job they will love, will pay well and allows them to get more time back. This includes creating community so people can have an entry point into better career prospects, learning opportunities and more.

News Flash… What i described above is BEST CASE scenario. That number is not universally 46 for everyone as we all have different commitments. I used to spend 2 hours travelling per day each way to work – that is 20 Hours of my week was spent travelling.  Some people will need to do this, there are those who need to bring up kids, some don’t even have a single hour where they choose what they do. 

Think about what you consciously choose to spend your disposable time on. Use that time to achieve your dreams. Be sure to maximize every hour, minute and second on what makes you happy.

*This maths is missing the 12 extra hours as some people may have realised, that you get at the weekend. I went over this point considerably when I was writing it as to how many hours you can attribute for what, and really the maths here is not important or the takeaway. This article can easily be called ‘What will you do with your 14, 56, 34 hours?’ as we all have different circimstances. This will also vary depending what you have got on week by week. Don’t let this distract you from the point of the article – use the time you have with active thought